Matra Basti

  • Simple, safe, effective
  • prevents and cure low back ache
  • Suitable for all
  • Minimal restrictions
  • Low back strengthening (Strengthens low back)
  • Detox action,colon cleansing
  • Suitable for daily bike riders, car drivers, heavy workers,Athletes
  • Lubricates ano rectal area heavy workers,Athletes
  • prevents & cures constipation & fissure (needs 5 mins)
  • Can be done on daily basics
  • No side effects
  • Daily routine unaffected
  • Body strengthening on a long run

It directly acts on Vaata Dosha(with its sub types) which is mainly located in the Pakwaashaya/large intestine which may regulate the function of Agni. Its efficacy is seen all over the body as vaata is the main controller of the body. At the same time Basti by pacifying Vata, restores the disturbed Kapha and Pitta at their original seats and thus helps in breaking the pathogenesis. Thus the active principle of the ingredients used in the Basti gets absorbed and then, through the general circulation, reaches at the site of the lesion and relieves the disease. Studies have also proved that drug administration via the rectum can achieve higher blood levels of the drug than administration through the oral route due to partial avoidance of hepatic first-pass metabolism. The rectum has a rich blood and lymph supply and drugs can cross the rectal mucosa as they can other lipid membranes. Thus, un-ionized and lipid-soluble substances are readily absorbed from the rectum. The portion absorbed from the upper rectal mucosa is carried by the superior hemorrhoidal vein into the portal circulation, whereas that absorbed from the lower rectum enters directly into the systemic circulation via the middle and inferior hemorrhoidal veins. Thus, administration of drugs in the Basti form has faster absorption and provides quicker results.

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