About Jeevottama Health

Jeevottama Health was founded by Dr. Sharad Kulkarni at Bengaluru, Karnataka in 2017.

The initial base plan was laid in 2015 with a aim to prevent,cure and avoid recurrence of diseases being suffered. Work stress, fast food, lack of quality food, fast life, lack of exercise/sedentary lifestyle, night shifts, lack of quality sleep etc.

Many patients want to get rid of ano rectal problems

  • Piles
  • Fissure
  • Fistula
  • Polyps etc., Without Surgery

This is the right platform to treat such diseases through a para surgical/minimally invasive procedure with lowest recurrence rates and no side effects. These procedures are cost effective and day care procedures where in no admission or hospital stay is required.Preventive health care is need of the hour especially in the polluted metropolitan cities where in people are leading a unhealthy diet and Sedentary lifestyle. Prevention also means to avoid the recurrence after successful treatment.

When it comes to the dual aspects of Prevention & Cure, the highest credit goes to the concepts of Ayurveda-Yoga. To fulfill all these criteria Jeevottama Health started its journey with the best available technology in the para surgical field aiming to build a disease free Society through various preventive and curative aspects.

Moreover all these techniques are ``MADE IN INDIA``. Thus Health for all can be achieved through our own techniques.

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